Whether you’ve brought home a new puppy or rescue dog or perhaps you simply have a dog you wish was better behaved, obedience dog training in Plano can make all of the difference. The experts at Tip Top K9 can provide any level of dog training you might need, including fixing the following issues.


Basic Dog Obedience Skills

It’s essential for every canine, regardless of their size or breed, to master basic obedience skills. These skills include fundamental commands like sitting, staying, lying down, and coming when called. For the sake of safety, it’s crucial that dogs can perform these commands off-leash even when their owner is not nearby.


A dog that consistently obeys commands to sit, stay, or come is considered a safe pet. Such a dog is less likely to dash into the street, chase other dogs or animals in public spaces, or misbehave in your own backyard, provided they have been correctly trained to act appropriately in various situations. This training is beneficial for all dogs, whether they are young puppies, rescue dogs, or older pets. All can learn to adhere to obedience commands through effective training and ongoing positive reinforcement.


At Tip Top K9, our approach includes educating both the pet and the pet owner. Your dog must respond to you, not just to a trainer. Understanding that many owners might not be familiar with effective dog training techniques or how to encourage good behavior, our program is designed to instruct both the dogs and their owners. This is a key component of our dog training in Plano.


Potty Training

Potty training is a crucial skill for puppies, but it’s equally important for rescue dogs to learn where they should and shouldn’t relieve themselves. Often, rescue groups might state that a dog has been housebroken during their time in foster care. However, when these dogs enter a new environment, they may feel anxious and uncertain about the new household rules, leading to accidents. Proper dog training can effectively teach them the correct places to use the bathroom in their new home, helping them adapt quickly to your home’s guidelines.


Nuisance Jumping

Although it may seem less bothersome when small breeds such as a Pekingese jump on people, this behavior isn’t ideal, especially in larger dogs where it becomes a significant issue. A professional dog trainer can teach your furry friend to refrain from jumping on people, even in moments of excitement, which is a far more preferable behavior.


Having a dog that greets guests and family members calmly, without jumping, enhances the comfort of everyone involved. It’s crucial to acknowledge that not everyone is a dog lover; some individuals may even have a fear of dogs. Therefore, owning a dog that is well-mannered and doesn’t jump can make interactions more pleasant for your visitors and during outings where you might encounter other people, like walks or social gatherings.


Excessive Barking

Barking has its advantages, serving as a way for dogs to alert their owners about someone on the premises or to signal that something unusual is happening. Nonetheless, it’s essential to have the ability to command your dog to cease barking once they’ve alerted you. During our dog training classes in Plano, we can focus on teaching this control if your dog has this issue. Additionally, we offer solutions for excessive barking that may occur in your absence, often a symptom of separation anxiety in dogs.


Walking Etiquette

Leash pulling may appear minor with smaller breeds, but it becomes a significant concern with larger breeds. Uncontrolled larger dogs can create hazardous situations. Similarly, even a small dog lacking leash manners could inadvertently cause someone to stumble or get entangled.


Regular walks are beneficial for both dogs and their owners, and they should be enjoyable, not a massive struggle for control. The majority of dogs can learn to walk calmly without pulling or dragging. This skill is among the many we teach during obedience dog training in Plano.


Dog Anxiety

While it may not seem obvious, “obedience” and managing separation anxiety are closely linked, and our trainers are equipped to address this challenge. A common issue among dogs is experiencing anxiety when their human family members leave. Dogs generally dislike solitude and often feel uneasy in the absence of their people. However, since it’s not feasible to always be at home, it’s important to address and modify any problematic behaviors stemming from separation anxiety.


Typical behaviors associated with this anxiety include incessant barking during the owner’s absence, house-trained dogs having accidents, and engaging in destructive activities like chewing furniture. These are indicators of separation anxiety. At Tip Top K9, we offer specialized dog separation anxiety training in Plano, which can alleviate these concerns, helping your pet become more comfortable and relaxed when alone occasionally.


Aggressive Behavior

While mastering general obedience is crucial, the primary reason many seek our services is to address aggression-related issues in dogs. If your dog exhibits behaviors like snapping, biting, or showing aggression towards other dogs, these are significant concerns that an aggressive dog trainer is equipped to resolve.


Additionally, we offer training to mitigate specific forms of aggression, such as resource guarding. This occurs when a dog becomes aggressive over possessions like toys or food. Such aggressive behaviors are neither safe nor acceptable. Dog training for aggressive dogs in Plano can help transform your dog into a more sociable, friendly pet, eliminating the fear associated with aggressive tendencies.

Tip Top K9: We Can Fix 95% Of All Dog Problems

Tip Top K9 is the top-rated dog training company in the United States, and we boast a success rate of more than 99%. We also have more than 7.500 five-star reviews. If you have a problem dog, our expert trainers can tackle whatever issues you may be facing.  We guarantee that we can fix 95% of your dog’s problems – guaranteed. If we can’t transform your dog’s behavior, we’ll return your money.


We offer two options for obedience dog training in Plano. This includes our dog boot camp in Plano, or we can provide you with an in-home dog trainer in Plano. For the majority of dogs that don’t have severe behavioral problems, opting for an in-home dog trainer is highly beneficial.


Our trainers will visit your home for a duration that may span several weeks or months, depending on what’s needed, to guarantee that your dog comprehensively grasps obedience commands and adheres to the rules set in your household. Our ultimate aim is to equip you with a well-trained canine companion that you can confidently take almost anywhere.


For dogs with more intense challenges, particularly aggression-related issues, our doggy boot camp in Plano is the ideal solution. This intensive program is a board-and-train format, where your dog will stay with one of our experienced trainers for a period ranging from two to four weeks. This setup allows us to offer in-depth training tailored for aggressive behavior.


After completing either the dog training camp in Plano or our in-home obedience dog training, our support for you and your dog doesn’t just stop. Most of our training packages include ongoing lifetime phone support and access to lifetime group classes. These group sessions are an excellent opportunity for dog owners to reinforce learned behaviors and promote their dog’s social skills.

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