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If you truly want to unleash your dog’s full potential, dog training classes in Tampa are the key to unlocking a happier, well-behaved furry companion. At Tip Top K9, we believe that dog obedience training is crucial, and here are a few compelling reasons why.


  1. Dog Training Corrects Problem Behavior

If your dog is constantly jumping on your guests or perhaps barking up a storm or, worse yet, displaying signs of aggression toward other dogs or people, proper dog training can eliminate these problem behaviors.


Did you know that a lack of training is one of the top reasons why dogs end up in shelters? That’s tragic because, with expert dog training classes, we can transform a difficult-to-manage dog into a wonderful companion. Even if your dog is aggressive, we can usually curb this behavior. In fact, we guarantee that we can fix 95% of the problems or we’ll return your money. That’s how confident we are that we can improve your dog’s unwanted behavior.


  1. Dog Training Enhances Safety

While curbing aggression improves your pet’s safety, not all dogs are highly aggressive, but they still need to understand basic obedience commands to remain safe. A dog that will sit, stay and lay down on command (even off leash) is a dog that won’t run off into the street or run after another animal. We also train your dog to come when called 100% of the time. These are crucial skills that can keep your dog safe in many circumstances.


  1. Dog Training Boosts Your Bond

Dogs love to please, but when they are in a new home, they don’t really understand you or the house rules. Dog training in Tampa provides an excellent opportunity for you and your dog to understand each other better. This leads to a stronger, more trusting relationship. Training enhances communication and increases the mutual respect between you and your dog.


  1. Dog Training Can Improve Socialization

If you have a dog that is aggressive toward other dogs, you might think that keeping them away from other animals is the only solution. But, that’s not always realistic or practical, and rather than constantly worrying that your dog will attack other animals, dog training for aggressive dogs in Tampa is a much better option because rather than avoiding the problem, we will be solving it.


To some extent, when it comes to home security, a little aggression or territorial behavior isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you cannot introduce your dog to other dogs without a fracas ensuing or your dog will attack or bite humans out of fear or you cannot take away a toy or item from your dog without the dog biting or snapping, action must be taken to reduce these behaviors.


Highly aggressive dogs are dangerous and unpredictable and proper training is essential not only to curb these behaviors but to socialize your animal. We’ve worked with thousands of dogs through the years, including dogs that were days away from being put down due to aggression issues. Believe it or not, with firm and intensive training, just about any dog can be transformed into a well-behaved, happier pet that your whole family will cherish.


  1. Dog Training Provides Mental Stimulation

Just like people, dogs need mental stimulation and dog training classes offer mental stimulation for your dog, keeping their mind engaged and active. This is particularly important for intelligent and high-energy breeds that require more mental engagement to prevent boredom. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviors, such as chewing on furniture or your personal items.


Once training is complete, we recommend that you continue to practice those obedience skills at home. This not only reinforces good behavior, but it provides some stimulating activity for your dog. Of course, we also recommend that you take your dog out for a couple of walks each day and perhaps schedule some playtime. Along with dog training, exercise and play can go a long way to reducing destructive behavior, especially with high-energy breeds.


Our Approach To Dog Training

There are hundreds of trainers out there and plenty of internet training “experts” eager to share their training philosophy. So, why choose Tip Top K9?   The simple answer is that our approach to dog training works. We have more than 15,000 satisfied customers, and we are America’s highest-rated dog trainers. We also promise to fix 95% of problems, guaranteed, or your money back.


We use a proven, step-by-step method that provides lasting results. In just a few weeks, or a month or two at most, your dog should see a significant improvement in behavior. Of course, it’s not just about following the trainer’s instructions, we teach dog parents how to maintain the results of our training program throughout their dog’s life. Essentially, we don’t just train the dog, we train you as well.


Our training begins with a $1 introductory lesson and during this time we discuss your dog’s issues as well as your goals for behavior. Our expert dog trainers then evaluate the dog to determine where your little buddy is currently training-wise, and then we will either recommend one of our packages or create a custom package just for your dog, based on your needs and budget.


We don’t post prices on our website, and that’s because we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all training regimen. Every dog is unique, so first, a professional dog trainer must meet with your dog to determine how to create and price a training plan that makes sense.


In general, we offer two options – in-home training and dog boot camp in Tampa. With the dog boot camp, your dog will stay around the clock with one of our expert trainers. Boot camp typically lasts two to four weeks and it’s quite intensive. We recommend this intensive dog board and train in Tampa for any dog with serious aggression issues. For a more amiable pup that simply needs to learn obedience commands and how to walk properly on a leash, etc., in-home lessons are a great option.


Keep in mind, with in-home dog behavior training in Tampa, we will be giving our dog parents a bit of “homework.” Practicing these obedience skills is crucial, and everyone in your home needs to be consistently using the same commands and reinforcing proper behavior.


With boot camp, we will take care of the homework during training, however, once your dog comes home, it will be up to you to continue to reinforce good behavior. In some cases, we continue training with an in-home trainer after boot camp to ensure that problem behaviors are eliminated.


With some dogs, several months of intensive training is needed to resolve issues. This sounds hard, but this animal will be a huge part of your family for many years, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you got to enjoy a well-behaved, safe, happy, affectionate dog instead of fearing that your dog will bite or lash out?


What About Group Classes?

At Tip Top K9, we do offer group dog training classes in Tampa. However, these classes are designed for our canine students who have already completed either in-home dog training classes or our doggy boot camp in Tampa.


Group classes are meant to reinforce the skills taught during our intensive training, and we include group classes in almost all of our dog training packages. Whether you need to brush up on some skills or want to provide some much-needed socialization for your pup, group classes are the perfect extension of our one-on-one dog behavior training in Tampa.


Get Started Now!

If you are ready to transform your dog into a perfect gentleman or lady, you can schedule your first lesson by clicking on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage. Again, this first lesson is just $1 and there’s no obligation. But, we think you’ll see that our dog training classes in Tampa (including Lutz, Odessa, Carrollwood, Northdale and Citrus Park), will be well worth the investment.