Dogs are often called our best buddies, but what if your furry friend is showing some not-so-friendly behaviors like aggression or destruction? No sweat! At Tip Top K9, our dog training camp in Tulsa works wonders in just a few weeks, taming those wild behaviors. Curious about how we do it? Read on to discover all the facts you need to know about our dog boot camp.


Dog Boot Camp In Tulsa: Solving Severe Issues

Tip Top K9’s doggy boot camp in Tulsa is specially tailored for dogs grappling with serious behavior problems. Here, your dog will stay around the clock with one of our skilled trainers, making it more of a boarding and training program. This setup allows our trainer to give your dog focused and intense training all day.


We understand that saying goodbye to your furry friend, even temporarily, can be tough. But for reducing challenging behaviors, this approach is often the most effective. While in-home training might suit a dog needing basic obedience training, for more severe issues like aggression, an immersive training experience is usually the key to real change.


Over the years, our trainers have successfully handled a variety of challenging cases, including dogs that were returned to shelters multiple times and considered unadoptable. We’ve helped lessen aggression in dogs with a history of attacks, including pit bulls, and even worked with dogs trained for fighting.


Our program is also well-equipped to address dogs with intense anxiety or phobias. For example, our dog separation anxiety training in Tulsa can be a part of your dog’s personalized training plan. If your dog barks non-stop, destroys furniture, or shows other signs of distress when you’re away, it might be due to separation anxiety, and we’re here to assist.


The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but our board and train program is effective for dogs of all ages. Older dogs with behavioral issues can also become more manageable companions. After the camp, we support dog owners in reinforcing good behavior. This not only ensures your dog behaves well but can also strengthen your bond and build trust with your pet.


Intensive Camp Lasts 2-4 Weeks

Normally, a stay of two to four weeks is what we recommend, depending on the depth of the behavioral issues. In cases where the problems are exceptionally severe, a longer period may be required. We’ve successfully trained numerous dogs that were on the verge of being surrendered or put down. Although a prolonged stay may seem daunting, it’s a far preferable option to losing a potential lifelong furry friend.


We believe there’s no challenge too great when it comes to dogs. We cherish these animals and are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential as obedient, well-mannered companions. In our eyes, no dog is beyond help!


Our training encompasses a variety of issues. While aggression and severe anxiety are often the most urgent concerns, we also enhance other skills. This includes obedience training, where we teach dogs commands like sit, stay, lay down, and ensure they come when called – every time.


Leash manners are also a focus, especially vital for owners of larger breeds who might otherwise take the lead during walks. Other areas we cover include house training, curbing excessive barking, and preventing jumping on people. Our goal is to train a well-mannered dog that you can confidently take to any dog-friendly setting.


With our dog training camp in Tulsa, your dog will be housed at a trainer’s residence, and it’s common for these trainers to have their own pets. This provides a great chance for your dog to socialize. Sometimes, your dog might be the sole pet in the home during their training period. Regardless, our proven training techniques are designed to address and rectify problem behaviors, resulting in a safer, more content, and well-behaved dog.





Our Dog Camp Costs Vary

We don’t list prices on our site because our training is entirely customized. Each dog is different, with unique behaviors and needs, so our approach is tailored accordingly. The cost depends on how long your dog stays with us and the complexity of the behavioral issues.


But here’s the good part: your first lesson is only $1, with no commitment to continue afterward. In this session, one of our expert trainers will introduce our training techniques, get to know your dog, and talk about what you’re hoping to achieve with training. After that, we’ll either offer some useful tips or create a personalized training plan for you, which might include in-home sessions or our dog training camp, based on what suits your situation best.


Why Choose Tip Top K9 For Dog Boot Camp?

We’ve been delivering exceptional dog training services for more than 15 years. With a staggering 7,500 five-star ratings, we’re recognized as the top dog training provider in the U.S. Our experience spans more than 130 different dog breeds and dogs of all ages, boasting a remarkable 99.3% success rate in resolving a variety of behavioral problems, including the more challenging ones like aggression.


Our approach goes beyond just addressing the immediate issues; we focus on sustainable results. We also educate the dog owners. By the end of your in-home training or dog boot camp, you’ll possess all the necessary techniques to continue reinforcing good behaviors in your dog.


Moreover, most of our training packages come with lifetime phone support and group classes. These classes are a great opportunity to refresh obedience skills and further socialize your dog. We don’t just finish training and move on; we’re always here to offer guidance or assist in enhancing your dog’s skills and behavior.



Schedule Your Intro Lesson Now!

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