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Dogs are remarkable companions, capable of offering immense love and happiness. Yet, managing a difficult dog that exhibits severe aggression can significantly diminish the joy of pet ownership. Thankfully, our comprehensive dog training camp in OKC is designed to address and correct these behavioral challenges, ensuring a positive transformation in your pet’s demeanor. Here’s a quick look at our camp.


What Is Dog Training Camp?

Dog training camp in OKC is a rigorous program designed to tackle significant behavioral problems in dogs. Unlike traditional in-home training where the trainer visits your home, this program involves your dog staying with a trainer specialized in managing aggressive behaviors. Though termed “dog boot camp in OKC,” it essentially operates as a board-and-train scheme.


Having your dog stay around the clock with a seasoned dog trainer for a few weeks might seem daunting, but it’s undeniably the quickest and most effective method for addressing deep-rooted behavioral issues. Doggy boot camp in OKC is particularly recommended for dogs exhibiting extreme aggression, including those prone to biting or attacking other animals or humans.


Over the past 15 years, we’ve successfully rehabilitated thousands of dogs showing severe aggression, some of whom were at risk of euthanasia due to their behavior. Through our comprehensive dog behavior training in OKC, we’ve managed to turn their behavior around.


Moreover, we offer specialized training for dogs suffering from separation anxiety in OKC. If your dog tends to destroy your belongings, bark incessantly, or has accidents inside the house when left alone, it’s likely due to anxiety.


Our camp provides an ideal setting to address and alleviate these anxieties, boosting your dog’s confidence and well-being. We’re also equipped to handle separation anxiety and phobias with in-home training sessions, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you need dog separation anxiety training in OKC.


Is Dog Training Camp Secure?

Understandably, entrusting your beloved pet to someone new can cause anxiety. However, please be assured that our trainers are passionate about dogs. We are committed to ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort in our trainer’s care.


While we adhere to disciplined training methods, we balance this with ample love and affection. Our goal is to nurture your dog into becoming a joyous and well-mannered companion, which involves a blend of positive reinforcement and structured training.


What’s the Duration Dog Training Camp?

Typically, our dog training camp in OKC spans between two to four weeks. Depending on the specific needs of your dog, particularly for those with pronounced aggression issues or other significant behavioral challenges, an additional week or two may be necessary to ensure thorough training. Our commitment is to invest the required time to alleviate your dog’s aggressive tendencies effectively.


Will My Dog Interact With Other Dogs?

Although the primary focus of our trainers will be on your dog, it’s common for our trainers to have pets of their own. Consequently, your dog may encounter other dogs during their stay. This serves as a beneficial aspect of their training, offering vital socialization opportunities. Especially for dogs displaying aggression towards other animals, the presence of other dogs can be instrumental in addressing and mitigating such behaviors.


Why Choose Tip Top K9?

With over 15 years in the dog training arena, Tip Top K9 has established itself as the leading canine training service in the nation, evidenced by our unparalleled 7,500 five-star ratings. Our expertise extends across more than 130 dog breeds of varying ages, achieving an impressive 99.3% success rate in rectifying a broad spectrum of behavioral problems, including acute aggression.


But our dog training in OKC doesn’t stop at simply addressing the issues. Our training techniques are designed for sustainability, ensuring that the improvements last. Moreover, we provide dog owners with comprehensive training, ensuring they possess the skills necessary to perpetuate their dog’s positive behavior long after our sessions conclude.


In addition to our core training programs, we offer ongoing phone support and group training sessions as part of most packages. These sessions allow for continued obedience practice and socialization for your dog. Our dedication to you and your pet’s well-being extends far beyond the initial training period, as we strive to offer continual support and resources to foster your dog’s behavioral progress.


What About The Costs?

The pricing details for our dog training camp are not listed on our website since we offer highly customized training solutions. Recognizing that each dog is distinct with its own set of behaviors, our approach is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your pet. As such, the cost is influenced by the duration of the camp and the complexity of your dog’s behavioral challenges.


Yet, we offer an initial lesson for just $1, without any commitment required to proceed with our services. During this session, one of our skilled trainers will introduce our training techniques, assess and engage with your dog, and discuss your objectives for the training. Following this, we can offer either valuable guidance or craft a bespoke training program suited to your dog, which may include in-home dog training classes in OKC or enrollment in our dog training camp, based on what’s best for your situation.


Get Started With Tip Top K9

Again, your first lesson is just $1, and we think you will find that our trainers are the best in Oklahoma City. With our dog training camp in OKC, we can fix 95% of dog problems, and that’s backed by a guarantee. We will work for as long as it takes to transform your dog into a lovable, friendly and joyous companion. To get started, click on the Schedule Lesson tab at the top of our homepage and fill out our quick contact form.