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If you’re looking for company that can provide West Jordan Utah dog training, the make sure the get touch with us here Tip Top K9 to take because you will want to make sure that you’re coming to us vs the competition because we believe here Tip Top K9 that there is no competition. Whenever you look at our results and our services vs anybody else, it’s clear to see that we are the clear winner for anybody that seeking dog training services and West Jordan or any of the other locations that we have the United States which are 12 total. We want to highest and most reviewed dog trainers in the entire country, and we had been training dogs for over a decade incredible results the entire time. We’ve also been such a success with our methods, that we been featured on Bloomberg, by Forbes and business insider among other sources, so you know that we have legitimate results here, and that we had been nationally recognized not only by these sources but also by our customers who left us 1500+ five-star Google reviews.

One of the main differences between us the competition whenever you bring your dog and utilize our West Jordan Utah dog training, is the fact that we use a better method. Our method is different because the studies in the traditional outdated positive and negative reinforcement model of training, here we something more unique, and more reliable. We utilize and method that is more consistent, effective, and efficient. Instead of relying on a systems of punishments and rewards for your dog and manipulating your dog into behaving correctly, we want to make sure that we provide a better way then a system that typically just ends up being a system of fear and respect.

So whenever you come in utilize the West Jordan Utah dog training, you can see the first lesson that we have a better method because instead of utilizing positive and negative you all we do is that we teach attention. Using a conditioned response, we get your dog to pay attention utilizing the leash in a. That’s really all it entails, in a nutshell, is that we teach a dog to pay attention and listen to your commands, and not only is this and more efficient more effective method, but is also healthier for your dog as well the same time.

And then in contrast to the competitors, you can also feel good about Tip Top K9 because we use a specific training classes instead of a one-size-fits-all class that doesn’t necessarily address your dog needs. We have aggressive dog training, potty training and a variety of classes to make sure that your dog gets the behavior address specifically, and we also have a variety of group classes available that many people find be a better alternative as far as cost-effectiveness and time efficiency although they typically tend to come at a cost of effectiveness overall with the results.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you here Tip Top K9 and the kind of results that we can provide, then we encourage you to go and give us call whenever you’re ready and set that up by calling us anytime at 1-833-484-7867 to get your first lesson for dollar, or you can also get the same results by going to we can make your contact information and allowing us to get in contact with you at your convenience.

West Jordan Utah Dog Training | Good Dog Training Vs Bad Dog Training

Do you find yourself in a position where you could use high-quality West Jordan Utah dog training? If you are, then we want to come talk to us here Tip Top K9 because here at Tip Top K9, we are a company that is committed to making sure that we provide you with real results, and that is because we take a better approach not only do we get you better results, but we also provide you with better customer service, and a better value than anybody else and if you want to see the difference for yourself, then you can get your for that are the reason people choose us time and again.

You’ll see that bad dog training go anywhere else other than Tip Top K9 West Jordan Utah dog training, is the fact that they do not provide consistent reliable results. Most doctors out there rely on the traditional positive and negative reinforcement model of training which is effective, but not the most effective. It is not the most reliable method, when compared to the unique method that we use is proven to get real results, and then so effective for us here Tip Top K9, that over the course of our lifetime as a company, well over a decade, we’ve got 1099s .3% success rate. You’ll find that most of the companies that utilize traditional methods do not get the same results, so you’re going to pay for training class that is going to provide you with a mixed bag, and so you may not even get that we paid for, which essentially is a waste of money.

But whenever you come to West Jordan Utah dog training, not only are you getting a better method that provides better results, were also putting a satisfaction guarantee on. Whenever you come to Tip Top K9, we more unique method that gets better results, and not only can you feel good about the fact that you’re getting results, well at night because we also have a satisfaction money back guarantee attached. Here Tip Top K9, anybody get the good dog guarantee which says that we fix 95% of your dog’s behavior problems, or you get your money back, guaranteed. This is what we mean whenever we say that we can provide good training, vs bad dog training.

Other places are going to provide you with results that are guaranteed, probably charge you hire prices, and wanting to provide you with the same level customer service or the kind of incentives that we provide you here. Good dog training also comes with a high commitment to high-quality customer service, and we do that here Tip Top K9, and that’s why we are one of the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country. We make sure that in addition to make sure that we give you your dog the attention that they they need to be good dog’s, we also want to make sure that critics as well whenever you come to us.

If you’re interested in what we can do for us to do is give us a call anytime here Tip Top K9 by calling 1-833-484-7867, and you can also reach out to the website anytime at we can find our podcast from information about our company our training methods our classes and much more at any time.