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How to get your dog to:

  • “Come” – 100% of the time
  • Eliminate Jumping on people
  • Potty train
  • Stop leash pulling
  • Quickly stop nuisance barking



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Tulsa Oklahoma Dog Training

We are currently the top ranked dog trainer in the state of Oklahoma on Google, we have more 5-star reviews than any other dog training company in our area and in the state.


Dog Training

Tip Top K9 gets results quickly, the majority of doggie issues such as jumping, biting, licking, digging , leash pulling and not coming can be radically changed in a short amount of time


Tip Top Dog Training

We are convenient, we come out to your house to figure out if we should work together and what would be the best package for you based on your goals, time, energy and budget

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Don't Wait To Start Enjoying Your Dog - CALL NOW: 918-991-8634

Don't Wait To Start Enjoying Your Dog - CALL NOW: 918-991-8634