Tulsa OK Dog Training Classes You'll Learn:

  • "Come" – Every Time, 100% of the time
  • How to eliminate Jumping on people
  • The best way to potty train
  • How to stop leash pulling
  • How to quickly stop nuisance barking
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Group Class Canceled July 27th & Aug 3rd – Tulsa Dog Group Class

Group Class in Tulsa will be canceled Saturday the 27th of July and Saturday the 3rd of August.  More than likely we will not have class the 1st of August […]

Does your dog like or hate their crate?

Occasionally we run into people who say that their dog hate their crate and ask for advice on how to help that. Normally if introduced properly dogs will LOVE their […]

What kind of food should I feed my dog?

We get asked this question alot! There are alot of different types of foods out there.  We prefer feeding grain free dog food.  There are different voices out there but […]